Indian Wedding

India weddings are an occasion celebrated with family and relatives, all near and distant. It is a prevailing custom to invite everyone the couple or their family may know. The Indian wedding cards are usually traditionally designed with divine motifs and mantras. Families from the bride’s and the groom’s sides send out invites well in advance so that everyone is able to make it on the day of wedding.

The wedding rituals start days before the day of wedding and generally involve seeking divine blessings. The pre wedding rituals are organized separately at the bride’s and groom’s homes. Also, gifts and wedding wishes are exchanged between the families. The families organize events of music and dance to mark celebration. The grandest day, however, is the wedding day when the groom and his family go to the bride’s house for marriage. The procession includes loud music and the groom’s family dances to the beats. Upon arrival at the bride’s house, the groom and his family are joyously received and treated with lot of respect.

The Indian weddings are typical in celebration and fervour. The grandeur is all about vibrant colours, pomp and show. In the beautiful environment of celebrations, the couple seeks blessings from the almighty and their family members for a successful married life. After the wedding rituals are over the couple comes back to the groom’s house where the new bride is welcomed with love. After a few rituals and customs, the new bride becomes a member of the groom’s family.

Wedding is a lifetime affair and everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking forward to a true blue Indian wedding or a wedding that is sober and little toned down, you can pick up your wedding invitations from . They offer invites that are trendy as well as traditional.


Wedding Gifts Ideas

As soon as we receive a wedding invitation card, the biggest question that pops up our mind is what to gift the couple for their wedding? Since weddings are an elaborate and fancy affair, finding a befitting gift is no child’s play.

Engagement Wishes
The most problematic situations are where you are trying to find a gift that is both useful and appealing. What adds to the misery is that most of the guests tend to bring items of home furnishing and you don’t want to add to it. Following are some of the clues or ideas to find the right kind of wedding gift.

  • Indian wedding cards come in several beautiful colours and designs. The card that you have received may be a typical red and golden invite or an invite in an exclusive colour. If latter is the case, you have a good fortune! The colour of the card will help you understand the colour couple would like. Anything that you buy for the couple could be in similar colours.
  • Usually elder people bless the couple with cash presuming that the cash will be helpful in settling a household. That’s true! But if your friend or cousin is getting married, you would not want to show your I am the elderly type attitude. In such cases you could pick up something in precious metals like gold or silver, maybe a coin with the couple’s name engraved on it. They will love to have this auspicious gift whose value may increase with time (it usually does).
  • If you wish to gift something that they would be using often, you got to pick the exact stuff and that is pretty much a difficult task. We have an idea to make it easier for you. Why not buy gift coupons for them? The gift coupons are easily available at multi brand retail chains and are readily redeemable. The couple can pick up anything they would want to buy for their home or for themselves. They will bless you throughout the shopping. Who does not like funded shopping, ehh?
  • If you are a close friend to the couple, and would like to go for wedding wishes you can also speak to them about their tour plans post wedding. It is not at all a bad idea to contribute to their tour expenses. That one tour is however, the most memorable one in every couple’s together times.

The wedding gifts mean a lot to the couple as they symbolize the good wishes and blessings that have been showered on them by their friends and family for a new beginning in their lives. No matter whether you carry an expensive gift or not, it is your presence that matters the most to them.

Wedding Rings Explore

Weddings and rings go so much together that there would hardly be any religion or community that does not call for exchange of rings as a part of a wedding ceremony.


Ring ceremonies are usually arranged for separately and with great enthusiasm. It is usually named as Sagai/ engagement or Roka wherein the bride and the groom exchange rings with friends and family joining them to celebrate the occasion.

Ring is a woman’s most favoured piece of jewellery but the significance of ring exchange extends much beyond that. A wedding ring is a symbol of the couple’s inward bond of eternal love illustrated with an unending circle. In ancient times, a ring was used as a seal of authority. When a ring was pressed into hot wax, it left an impression that was used as an official seal on documents. Similarly, when the couple wears a wedding ring, it signifies that they have submitted their marriage to God’s authority. The couple also recognizes that they have been brought together by God. When the couple exchanges wedding rings, they also exchange all their resources like emotions, wealth, talents and possessions etc with their spouse.

Diamond rings have come out to be the bride’s favourite over a pure gold ring. The jewellers offer a vast range of cuts and design to fit different budgets.

In communities where the ring exchange is arranged before the wedding, it symbolizes the commitment to get married to each other. The couple then starts planning for their wedding. One of the most important tasks is to invite friends and family to the wedding. It is then that a wedding invite is looked for. The Indian wedding cards being sold online over the internet are fast catching up the market as their demand has been growing manifold. The online shopping eases out the entire experience as it is both time saving and can be done at the comfort of our own house. Also people across locations can easily share their views on a wedding invitation that interests them. The online wedding cards at are eye catching beautiful and come in such vivid colours that you can actually find a wedding invite that would go along with your wedding theme. There are many wedding cards design with prices available with Those are low prices and high quality products.

Additionally, it is a good idea to shop for favour boxes and envelopes etc well in time so that the last minute rush is avoided. Placing an order in the last hour can be extremely taxing because of certain confusions at your own end. A timely order would ensure that the invitations reach your guests well in advance so that it is easy for them to plan a visit. The RSVP cards and other stationery items should also be bought along with the wedding invite so that their colour coordination is just what you wanted!

A themed and coordinated wedding always makes for beautiful memories to cherish. Plan your wedding and find the fantastic colours to brighten them right here on .

How to buy the right wedding invitation

Shopping for your own wedding invite is a wonderful experience. With limitless dreams and hopes of happiness in hearts, it’s an experience of lifetime. A little effort at knowing what you are really wanted as a wedding invite goes a long way in finding just the right stuff. We tell you how!

hindu Wedding cards

1. Invest time in identifying your dream wedding: Envision your wedding day with eyes closed. What do you see? You want a black-tie affair or a less formal garden/ beach wedding, or something other than these? Will the event be during the day or in the evening? Are you planning it in your hometown or a destination wedding? So you are looking for subtle and understated ceremony or more bold and colourful? You can also look for theme base Shagun Envelopes and Gift Boxes for your guests.

 2. Are you planning a colour palette at your wedding: Do you want to carry particular colours or set of colours in your invites or other stationery? The colour of bridesmaids’ dresses etc. may be coordinated with the season like in fall colours like orange, brown and green go well whereas in the spring bright green or pink looks really nice. In the summer, navy and pink look fabulous or in the winter silver and light blue colours look magical!

3. Themed wedding or a symbol that is significant: Are you planning your wedding in the mountains or at the beach? Are there any items of significance that you want to incorporate into your wedding and possibly your invites or accessories like first letters of your first names? This custom monogram can serve as a “logo” for theme of your wedding invitation, other stationery as well as the decor of the venue as you may like.

4. Understand the various invitation printing methods and choices in invitation stock: The quality of your invitation includes the paper finish i.e. glossy, matte etc. and weight of the paper. A fair idea of these attributes help in deciding over the wedding purchases.

5. Determine the number of invites you will be sending out: Work out the number of invites carefully keeping in minds the families and single friends you will be inviting. It is always advisable to order extra Indian wedding cards. The cost of ordering more than you think you’ll need as part of your initial order is far, far less than the cost of ordering a small number at a later date.

6. Know your budget: Explore everything you come across and then decide what you would buy depending on your budget. Knowing numerous things help in understanding the different possibilities. An informed decision is instrumental in making right purchases.

And most importantly, know the time your vendor would take to deliver the invites. A delay may complicate things for you as well as your guests. In the text of your invite, insist on seeing your guests at the wedding. A compelling invite has the capability to make your guests race to calendar for blocking the date. For beautiful wedding invitations, visit us for wedding cards online .

Four Fun Ideas for Guests at your Wedding

Weddings are a close synonym to fun and celebrations all over the world. It’s your wedding day and you are going to remember it forever. But don’t you want your guests to talk about it too? Of course you do!

Wedding Fun I

Your guests who will also coming up with lovey wedding wishes for you guys, must have attended so many weddings and they are almost the same in customs and rituals of a given place. The auspiciousness or credibility of those customs belongs to ages ago and they are better not questioned. Does the idea of adding little quirk to your wedding celebration excite you? Hold on to it and read on to find out the ideas we have for your super fun filled wedding celebration:

  1. Ask your guests to sign coasters for you: That is pretty innovative and creative, too! All you have to arrange for is light based coasters and permanent marker pens, maybe in different colours. You can ask all your guests to sign them for you with their messages. Some guests will leave blessings, some will give you tips for a happy marriage and some may even warn you about your spouse’s notorious habits. At Eva’s wedding, her husband’s best friend left her a message that said: Charlie snores like a pig. Hilarious yet personal, this coaster was obviously preserved by the couple on their side table in the bedroom.
  2.  Include oldest people from your family: So your grand parents must be old and reluctant to making happening public appearances. There are many who can look wedding wishes can check Your wedding can be the perfect day for them to be themselves again. This wouldn’t come easy. You will have to plead them, beg them and what not but it is going to be worth it, totally! Imagine how cool they would look all decked up the way they did when they were in their 20s. Bring out the rock star in them and your guests would adore them. However, be sure that they are not uncomfortable. Ask them to narrate incidences from your childhood, their own wedding, maybe their own first date etc. They will love it and so would your guests!
  3.  Hire an Impersonator:  Does a celebrity make you go weak in knees? Imagine yourself being welcomed by them! That’s an expensive affair, you would say. Not pretty really, we say. We tell you how. You can hire your favorite celebrity’s impersonator who would entertain your guests and add life to your party. If you are planning to hire an event management company to do it for you, tell them you want an impersonator. You should, however, be clear about what exactly you want them to do for you as their charges depend on what they perform and for how long.
  4. Offer candies instead of favors: Seen those lovely wedding  favor bags and boxes and envelopes at sevenpromises Buy them but fill them with candies instead! Your guests are going to love this twist in the tale. Alternatively, you can place candies at different places at the venue and ask them to grab as many as they can. They will love competing for candies and you will love watching them do it. Who doesn’t want to be a child again, even if it’s on a wedding day?

 Follow these fun ideas and make your guests go praises over your wedding!

Credit: Indian Wedding Cards vendor

Modern Wedding Invitations for you

Planning a wedding in the family or are you, yourself are tying the knot soon? So it’s time for your friend and family members to look for sweet wedding wishes. But you don’t need to worry about this.

Whatever the case may be, you have a lot of things to take care of. You will want your guests to remember your wedding for a long time to come, as well. That is why; we have a few tips on trendy wedding invitations for you. Usually the invitation cards are given least attention considering not having enough options to pick from. But the myth is here to be busted!

Wedding cards Box

The wedding invitation industry is fast catching up with the demand for variety in colour, prints etc. The beauty of a traditional wedding card can never be subdued but we all like uniqueness when it comes to weddings.

Broadly, the invites can be categorised as below. The categorisation is helpful in understanding our own requirement which simplifies our entire process of finding the one invite!

  • The designer wedding invitations: They are an emerging trend in wedding invitations. Classy in look and feel, their designs are a drift from the usual invites. Usually picked for lavish weddings, they come in a wide range. So, you can always consider picking these up from Hindu wedding cards store .


Wedding invitations in non traditional colours: If you are the kind of person who fancies wearing a cute pastel dress on your wedding, these cards are for you! A break from the traditional loud wedding colours like red, yellow and golden etc, these cards come in variety of beautiful colours like turquoise, aquamarine blue etc. Their traditional designs give an impressive ethnic rule. These lovely invites can be bought at Online Wedding cards place.


  • The evergreen traditional wedding invitations: A traditional wedding card is evergreen. Everything about them appears auspicious and a bundle of blessings. The only thing that has changed about them is the way they can be picked! Why go to the crowded market or listen to the loud mouthed shopkeeper when you can pick one at ?


A lovely wedding invitation card is not only an invitation; rather it holds beautiful memories forever. Pick the one that suits your ceremony. Order now!!

How to deal with anxious thoughts

Summary: The following article compiles some basic strategies that can help you cope with your unwanted thoughts associated with the anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a kind of mental disorder that results from negative thinking. Unwanted thoughts are the common symptom of this disorder and the person suffering from this disorder becomes unable to control the thoughts that comes into his/her mind. In some cases, the unwanted thoughts cause high anxiety and panic attacks. These unwanted thoughts are specifically associated with a special type of anxiety disorder known as obsessive compulsive disorder but may also appear in other anxiety disorders as well.

How to avoid these thoughts: While these unwanted anxious thoughtsseems to go on forever and very unlikely to go away, there are some basic practices that will help you cope with these unwanted thoughts.

  • The main factor in the anxiety disorder is that the more you fight these thoughts, the more frequently they will appear. The key is to focus on something good and something positive instead of those negative thinking and those “worst case scenarios” and that is what anxiety won’t let you do.
  • One strategy that experts recommend that can help you reduce these unwanted thoughts is “Forcing The Thought” on yourself on purpose. This will help you grow tired of these thoughts. This strategy works on the principle of habituation, the ability to become used to something frightening until it no longer frightens you or become less frightening. This will lead to a time when you will feel these unwanted thoughts as boring and easily get rid of them.
  • Another strategy to avoid these unwanted thoughts is by “Monitoring Your Own Reaction”. These thoughts become more powerful when you feel ashamed or become upset for having them. Try to remain as calm as possible and this will help you effectively avoid these thoughts in the future.
  • “Writing your Thoughts Out” is another strategy that helps a lot of people in fighting these thoughts. Writing the negative thoughts will send message to your brain that it does not need to be obsessed with these thoughts anymore as they are saved in a permanent place. This is specifically useful for the cases where these thoughts occur just before the sleeps. A specific technique is to write right after you wake up, write until you complete 3 full pages of whatever thoughts are running through your mind.
  • Another thing that may help the anxiety patient is to learn to control the compulsion to prevent an obsession. Try to cope the compulsion to reduce these unwanted thoughts. For example if you are often afraid of leaving your home unlocked, take a picture of the locked door and whenever the feeling appear just watch that picture to calm yourself. They may be helpful in getting rid of the obsession and fear but they are bad habits and one may not want to reinforce these.
  • If all of the above therapies are not helping you, you must see a psychiatrist. It is a great choice for the people that think they cannot cope with their anxiety disorder on their own and needs some additional help and you can take my word on this that seeing a psychiatrist really makes a difference.

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The perks of coaching centers!

In today’s rat race where every individual aspires to be better than the other, the competition is amplifying at an alarming rate. But, without a doubt success and achievement comes with the correct education. Majority of people have become career driven and seek to accomplish victory in their respective career’s. However, the need to achieve success has paved a way for the coaching cultures in India. Presently, there are some of the best coaching institutes in India garnering education to help the people in achieving success.


Gone are those days that were based on the concept of tuitions. Today’s era encases the concept of coaching institutes wherein it would be aptly said that you must have the wit, determined approach and the potential to put in efforts to gain good marks. The trend of coaching institutes has heightened since a few years and because of a career driven approach with an aspiration to achieve the best results; coaching institutes have multiplied around the country.

There are some of the best coaching centers in Hyderabad and coaching institutes in Mumbai as well. To achieve the first division has become a long-gone trend, nowadays; people are trying their level best to attain minimum 90 percent marks. In the olden days, there wasn’t much source and material through which children could gain more marks and research. But this technological age garners more pros than cons. With coaching centers, there are lots of resources, study material and notes that can help the students to attain more marks.

However, the decision of opting for coaching centers entirely lies upon the students. But more than 70 percent of students in the country trust coaching centers and the kind of education they garner. Especially for the competitive exams, coaching centers provide the right materials and study matter that can be helpful for the students. Boasting some of the best coaching institutes in India, the country has made an extra effort to help the students to achieve good marks in their competitive and school exams.

Is there a need of coaching centers?

You don’t leave a habit because you are accustomed to it. Similarly, students are accustomed to coaching centers. There are countless students who come to coaching centers every single day with an aspiration to achieve good marks and accomplish a successful career and perhaps, to earn a living in the future. Coaching centers exhibit wonderful figures and successful background data but till the time the student doesn’t make an effort, it is all in vain. Peer pressure is also a reason why the need of coaching centers has heightened at an alarming rate.

Coaching centers can be a way to drive you to make that little effort in achieving success but they can’t take the credit of your hard work and determination. Somehow, students aren’t content with what they are being taught in the schools and that is the main reason they get into coaching centers. Therefore, coaching centers can prove to be helpful only when the students put in effort and their attempt to strive to achieve good marks. Some of the best coaching centers in Hyderabad and the best coaching institutes in Mumbai can be a good option for the residents of the country and the students living nearby, to sneak a peek.

There is a dream in every students mind when he/she steps in the portal of the coaching center to achieve good marks, to beat his/her competitor or to make a successful career. The professional teaching approach that is implemented by the coaching institutes is something that is beneficial for the students and can help them garner good results. These institutes prepare the students with that special tactic focusing on the particular exam the student is going to sit for.

Therefore, coaching institutes can surely prove to be a boon for the students if they have that zeal in them to prove themselves and put in the extra efforts to attain good marks.

Acupuncture For Weight Loss…Through The Ear


There are many ways to lose weight, according to popular culture, but only a handful actually work. If you have tried the numerous fad diets you know this already. It can be difficult to decide which way to go, if losing weight is your goal. T.V commercials, magazine ads, books and infomercials all proclaim their way is the only way. It can be more than a little confusing to make a decision. Ear acupuncture for weight loss may be exactly what you need. Studies show that this ancient treatment is effective for many different ailments as well as weight loss.

Acupuncture is well known for helping people to stop smoking and we all have heard how hard that can be. So why not ear acupuncture for weight loss? The body is all connected from top to bottom, muscles, tendons, and the nerves that send signals to the brain. This interconnection is what makes acupuncture an ideal solution.

The first benefit is that most acupuncture helps the patient relax, lowering stress levels considerably. If you are trying to lose weight you know that over eating, or eating the wrong types of food is stress related. Eating for depression reasons or stress can be alleviated through the side effect of relaxation, and that is not even the main results from the treatment.

What ear acupuncture for weight loss does is it positively affects the metabolism by speeding it up. There are over 130 acupuncture points in the ears and a good acupuncturist can select the correct ones to send the signals that will do this for you. You can add to the treatment with breathing exorcise and various herbs, that also strengthen your metabolism. Between the relaxing, calming effect and a healthier metabolism you will be on your way.

The important thing to do is make sure you do a little research in picking you acupuncturist. You want one who knows the specifics of the treatment you want to have done. There are many different acupuncture points on the body and you will want to choose a person with knowledge of what you desire. Most will have had the training, but not all may regularly do a weight loss treatment and again, you want one who is well versed in the procedure. Acupuncture is excellent for all types of health issues so it should come as no surprise that it is appropriate for weight loss as well. Ear acupuncture for weight loss seems a more positive track to follow than the latest book or fad.

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Election Commission of india

One of the first issues raised at the thought of representative democracy – whether it promotes the power of the people best able to cope with the tasks corresponding to the position for which they are elected? Other problem areas of electoral democracy – compliance with campaign promises real action taken after the election of a candidate for his position, that is, simply – lies and manipulation during elections.

It is considered that the problem of failure of its candidate promises to the electorate decides to practice political competition for votes. After all, common sense or unwillingness to be deceived a second time, voters in the next election should support political opponents “guilty” or campaign to collect signatures for the recall people’s choice (if such a procedure is required by law). In fact, we see a picture that can be allegorically sound so: hydra policy set of goals, and the place of the severed grow new. All political forces promise to voter id status guaranteed ability to meet the pressing problems and needs often differ only by their brands. But even if the candidate or party are sincere in seeking to solve a particular problem, how the voter in the state, from election to election collapses increasingly expensive flurry of election campaigning, to objectively evaluate the possibility of one or another political force better than others to cope with this task (or Basically handle)?

In my opinion, one of the steps in improving the system of representative democracy would be a system of certification for access to exercise their right to participate in elections as a voter. This system should allow for the full realization of their right to a voter’s citizens have acquired enough knowledge in modern politics, history, economics, law, technology, electoral manipulation, and so on. Variations weight. In the simplest version it can, for example, look like this: every year who wish to be certified in the “electoral suitability” pass-line testing and the sum of points obtained certification, the possibility of re-repeating or right to retake a year later. The resulting certification twenty-five years should be confirmed.Check-Voter Id Status

Further variants are possible. For example, most “grassroots” elections (neighborhoods, rural) may not require to vote no certification. To vote at the regional, national, etc. Elections can be as individual exams for each certification (like a driver’s license category), and multi-level, at which scored points for testing is determined by: the elections which level examinee can be admitted, but for some points need to get.

The idea of such a system has several goals. Ie I assume that this certification will not only give the public more prepared voter, and to enhance the credibility and responsibility of participating in the election of a representative government. Particularly, I think it’s important for those countries where this responsibility is not historically formed. Introducing such a certification for nominating a candidate for the elections, I see still less effective screening tool unnecessarily

a) such a procedure would be dubbed the election itself;

b) voters, in the case of the introduction of the system I have described, is likely to be provided with information on the presence or not “electoral certification” in most of the candidate;

5 Essential Treatments for a Celebrity Style Smile

Celebrities across the globe know that a dazzling white smile is expected of them. Whether they are walking the red carpet or having a photo shoot, their teeth always look amazing. There are some effective ways of achieving a celebrity style smile without breaking the bank. But if you do want something more permanent, you can contact Fresh Dental or a cosmetic dentist in your area to have a look at your teeth and suggest cosmetic dental treatments to enhance your smile to A- list status.

Here are five helpful tips to achieve a celebrity style smile:

Create a dazzling red carpet smile

Three words that never describe a celebrity style smile are stained, yellow or ‘off-colour’. Celebrities know they will be photographed either at work or by the paparazzi, so they make sure they always have white clean teeth. Unfortunately, it isn’t always so easy to achieve whiter than white teeth, but you can have your teeth whitened at a dental clinic. One particular whitening treatment called ‘Enlighten’ can even lighten teeth nine or ten shades brighter for the ultimate whiter than white effect.

Ready for your close-up?

Famous people keep their teeth meticulously clean and so should you if you want a celebrity style smile. Just imagine you are having a close up photo shoot for a glossy magazine, those lenses can see everything! It is important to maintain a regular oral hygiene routine every day and flossing can also make a big difference to the appearance of your smile. If you are struggling to maintain an oral hygiene routine, speak to your dental hygienist. It is their job to help you get healthy teeth and gums. To achieve a celebrity style smile you need to have clean, healthy teeth and gums.

Fake it till you make it

If you weren’t born with a celebrity style smile, fake it all the way! Lots of celebrities have veneer treatment to make their teeth look perfect. Veneers are fitted over your original teeth and you can have any shape or shade of white you desire. There are different kinds of veneers for every budget,  from composite veneers to Lumineers, which are made from a very special kind of porcelain. They can cover stains, chips, and cracks and fill in gaps and are a long-term solution if you want an amazing celebrity style smile.

Enter the VIP area

If you have metal fillings that are hindering your inner celebrity, you can have them replaced with white fillings. White fillings blend in with the rest of your teeth and don’t stand out like amalgam fillings do. Your local private dentist should be able to give your more information about the procedure. Have you ever seen a Hollywood A-Lister showing off their fillings? No – and neither should you.

Prepare for your star on the walk of fame

If you have a few things you would like to change about your smile, you could consider getting some cosmetic dental work. Often, these are called smile makeovers and you can have a couple or many treatments until you get the celebrity style smile you want. It could be a mixture of braces, dental implants and whitening, or veneers and whitening, it all depends on what you want to achieve. The results could get you your very own star on the walk of fame!