Indian Wedding

India weddings are an occasion celebrated with family and relatives, all near and distant. It is a prevailing custom to invite everyone the couple or their family may know. The Indian wedding cards are usually traditionally designed with divine motifs and mantras. Families from the bride’s and the groom’s sides send out invites well in advance so that everyone is able to make it on the day of wedding.

The wedding rituals start days before the day of wedding and generally involve seeking divine blessings. The pre wedding rituals are organized separately at the bride’s and groom’s homes. Also, gifts and wedding wishes are exchanged between the families. The families organize events of music and dance to mark celebration. The grandest day, however, is the wedding day when the groom and his family go to the bride’s house for marriage. The procession includes loud music and the groom’s family dances to the beats. Upon arrival at the bride’s house, the groom and his family are joyously received and treated with lot of respect.

The Indian weddings are typical in celebration and fervour. The grandeur is all about vibrant colours, pomp and show. In the beautiful environment of celebrations, the couple seeks blessings from the almighty and their family members for a successful married life. After the wedding rituals are over the couple comes back to the groom’s house where the new bride is welcomed with love. After a few rituals and customs, the new bride becomes a member of the groom’s family.

Wedding is a lifetime affair and everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking forward to a true blue Indian wedding or a wedding that is sober and little toned down, you can pick up your wedding invitations from . They offer invites that are trendy as well as traditional.


Wedding Gifts Ideas

As soon as we receive a wedding invitation card, the biggest question that pops up our mind is what to gift the couple for their wedding? Since weddings are an elaborate and fancy affair, finding a befitting gift is no child’s play.

Engagement Wishes
The most problematic situations are where you are trying to find a gift that is both useful and appealing. What adds to the misery is that most of the guests tend to bring items of home furnishing and you don’t want to add to it. Following are some of the clues or ideas to find the right kind of wedding gift.

  • Indian wedding cards come in several beautiful colours and designs. The card that you have received may be a typical red and golden invite or an invite in an exclusive colour. If latter is the case, you have a good fortune! The colour of the card will help you understand the colour couple would like. Anything that you buy for the couple could be in similar colours.
  • Usually elder people bless the couple with cash presuming that the cash will be helpful in settling a household. That’s true! But if your friend or cousin is getting married, you would not want to show your I am the elderly type attitude. In such cases you could pick up something in precious metals like gold or silver, maybe a coin with the couple’s name engraved on it. They will love to have this auspicious gift whose value may increase with time (it usually does).
  • If you wish to gift something that they would be using often, you got to pick the exact stuff and that is pretty much a difficult task. We have an idea to make it easier for you. Why not buy gift coupons for them? The gift coupons are easily available at multi brand retail chains and are readily redeemable. The couple can pick up anything they would want to buy for their home or for themselves. They will bless you throughout the shopping. Who does not like funded shopping, ehh?
  • If you are a close friend to the couple, and would like to go for wedding wishes you can also speak to them about their tour plans post wedding. It is not at all a bad idea to contribute to their tour expenses. That one tour is however, the most memorable one in every couple’s together times.

The wedding gifts mean a lot to the couple as they symbolize the good wishes and blessings that have been showered on them by their friends and family for a new beginning in their lives. No matter whether you carry an expensive gift or not, it is your presence that matters the most to them.

Wedding Rings Explore

Weddings and rings go so much together that there would hardly be any religion or community that does not call for exchange of rings as a part of a wedding ceremony.


Ring ceremonies are usually arranged for separately and with great enthusiasm. It is usually named as Sagai/ engagement or Roka wherein the bride and the groom exchange rings with friends and family joining them to celebrate the occasion.

Ring is a woman’s most favoured piece of jewellery but the significance of ring exchange extends much beyond that. A wedding ring is a symbol of the couple’s inward bond of eternal love illustrated with an unending circle. In ancient times, a ring was used as a seal of authority. When a ring was pressed into hot wax, it left an impression that was used as an official seal on documents. Similarly, when the couple wears a wedding ring, it signifies that they have submitted their marriage to God’s authority. The couple also recognizes that they have been brought together by God. When the couple exchanges wedding rings, they also exchange all their resources like emotions, wealth, talents and possessions etc with their spouse.

Diamond rings have come out to be the bride’s favourite over a pure gold ring. The jewellers offer a vast range of cuts and design to fit different budgets.

In communities where the ring exchange is arranged before the wedding, it symbolizes the commitment to get married to each other. The couple then starts planning for their wedding. One of the most important tasks is to invite friends and family to the wedding. It is then that a wedding invite is looked for. The Indian wedding cards being sold online over the internet are fast catching up the market as their demand has been growing manifold. The online shopping eases out the entire experience as it is both time saving and can be done at the comfort of our own house. Also people across locations can easily share their views on a wedding invitation that interests them. The online wedding cards at are eye catching beautiful and come in such vivid colours that you can actually find a wedding invite that would go along with your wedding theme. There are many wedding cards design with prices available with Those are low prices and high quality products.

Additionally, it is a good idea to shop for favour boxes and envelopes etc well in time so that the last minute rush is avoided. Placing an order in the last hour can be extremely taxing because of certain confusions at your own end. A timely order would ensure that the invitations reach your guests well in advance so that it is easy for them to plan a visit. The RSVP cards and other stationery items should also be bought along with the wedding invite so that their colour coordination is just what you wanted!

A themed and coordinated wedding always makes for beautiful memories to cherish. Plan your wedding and find the fantastic colours to brighten them right here on .

How to buy the right wedding invitation

Shopping for your own wedding invite is a wonderful experience. With limitless dreams and hopes of happiness in hearts, it’s an experience of lifetime. A little effort at knowing what you are really wanted as a wedding invite goes a long way in finding just the right stuff. We tell you how!

hindu Wedding cards

1. Invest time in identifying your dream wedding: Envision your wedding day with eyes closed. What do you see? You want a black-tie affair or a less formal garden/ beach wedding, or something other than these? Will the event be during the day or in the evening? Are you planning it in your hometown or a destination wedding? So you are looking for subtle and understated ceremony or more bold and colourful? You can also look for theme base Shagun Envelopes and Gift Boxes for your guests.

 2. Are you planning a colour palette at your wedding: Do you want to carry particular colours or set of colours in your invites or other stationery? The colour of bridesmaids’ dresses etc. may be coordinated with the season like in fall colours like orange, brown and green go well whereas in the spring bright green or pink looks really nice. In the summer, navy and pink look fabulous or in the winter silver and light blue colours look magical!

3. Themed wedding or a symbol that is significant: Are you planning your wedding in the mountains or at the beach? Are there any items of significance that you want to incorporate into your wedding and possibly your invites or accessories like first letters of your first names? This custom monogram can serve as a “logo” for theme of your wedding invitation, other stationery as well as the decor of the venue as you may like.

4. Understand the various invitation printing methods and choices in invitation stock: The quality of your invitation includes the paper finish i.e. glossy, matte etc. and weight of the paper. A fair idea of these attributes help in deciding over the wedding purchases.

5. Determine the number of invites you will be sending out: Work out the number of invites carefully keeping in minds the families and single friends you will be inviting. It is always advisable to order extra Indian wedding cards. The cost of ordering more than you think you’ll need as part of your initial order is far, far less than the cost of ordering a small number at a later date.

6. Know your budget: Explore everything you come across and then decide what you would buy depending on your budget. Knowing numerous things help in understanding the different possibilities. An informed decision is instrumental in making right purchases.

And most importantly, know the time your vendor would take to deliver the invites. A delay may complicate things for you as well as your guests. In the text of your invite, insist on seeing your guests at the wedding. A compelling invite has the capability to make your guests race to calendar for blocking the date. For beautiful wedding invitations, visit us for wedding cards online .

Four Fun Ideas for Guests at your Wedding

Weddings are a close synonym to fun and celebrations all over the world. It’s your wedding day and you are going to remember it forever. But don’t you want your guests to talk about it too? Of course you do!

Wedding Fun I

Your guests who will also coming up with lovey wedding wishes for you guys, must have attended so many weddings and they are almost the same in customs and rituals of a given place. The auspiciousness or credibility of those customs belongs to ages ago and they are better not questioned. Does the idea of adding little quirk to your wedding celebration excite you? Hold on to it and read on to find out the ideas we have for your super fun filled wedding celebration:

  1. Ask your guests to sign coasters for you: That is pretty innovative and creative, too! All you have to arrange for is light based coasters and permanent marker pens, maybe in different colours. You can ask all your guests to sign them for you with their messages. Some guests will leave blessings, some will give you tips for a happy marriage and some may even warn you about your spouse’s notorious habits. At Eva’s wedding, her husband’s best friend left her a message that said: Charlie snores like a pig. Hilarious yet personal, this coaster was obviously preserved by the couple on their side table in the bedroom.
  2.  Include oldest people from your family: So your grand parents must be old and reluctant to making happening public appearances. There are many who can look wedding wishes can check Your wedding can be the perfect day for them to be themselves again. This wouldn’t come easy. You will have to plead them, beg them and what not but it is going to be worth it, totally! Imagine how cool they would look all decked up the way they did when they were in their 20s. Bring out the rock star in them and your guests would adore them. However, be sure that they are not uncomfortable. Ask them to narrate incidences from your childhood, their own wedding, maybe their own first date etc. They will love it and so would your guests!
  3.  Hire an Impersonator:  Does a celebrity make you go weak in knees? Imagine yourself being welcomed by them! That’s an expensive affair, you would say. Not pretty really, we say. We tell you how. You can hire your favorite celebrity’s impersonator who would entertain your guests and add life to your party. If you are planning to hire an event management company to do it for you, tell them you want an impersonator. You should, however, be clear about what exactly you want them to do for you as their charges depend on what they perform and for how long.
  4. Offer candies instead of favors: Seen those lovely wedding  favor bags and boxes and envelopes at sevenpromises Buy them but fill them with candies instead! Your guests are going to love this twist in the tale. Alternatively, you can place candies at different places at the venue and ask them to grab as many as they can. They will love competing for candies and you will love watching them do it. Who doesn’t want to be a child again, even if it’s on a wedding day?

 Follow these fun ideas and make your guests go praises over your wedding!

Credit: Indian Wedding Cards vendor

Modern Wedding Invitations for you

Planning a wedding in the family or are you, yourself are tying the knot soon? So it’s time for your friend and family members to look for sweet wedding wishes. But you don’t need to worry about this.

Whatever the case may be, you have a lot of things to take care of. You will want your guests to remember your wedding for a long time to come, as well. That is why; we have a few tips on trendy wedding invitations for you. Usually the invitation cards are given least attention considering not having enough options to pick from. But the myth is here to be busted!

Wedding cards Box

The wedding invitation industry is fast catching up with the demand for variety in colour, prints etc. The beauty of a traditional wedding card can never be subdued but we all like uniqueness when it comes to weddings.

Broadly, the invites can be categorised as below. The categorisation is helpful in understanding our own requirement which simplifies our entire process of finding the one invite!

  • The designer wedding invitations: They are an emerging trend in wedding invitations. Classy in look and feel, their designs are a drift from the usual invites. Usually picked for lavish weddings, they come in a wide range. So, you can always consider picking these up from Hindu wedding cards store .


Wedding invitations in non traditional colours: If you are the kind of person who fancies wearing a cute pastel dress on your wedding, these cards are for you! A break from the traditional loud wedding colours like red, yellow and golden etc, these cards come in variety of beautiful colours like turquoise, aquamarine blue etc. Their traditional designs give an impressive ethnic rule. These lovely invites can be bought at Online Wedding cards place.


  • The evergreen traditional wedding invitations: A traditional wedding card is evergreen. Everything about them appears auspicious and a bundle of blessings. The only thing that has changed about them is the way they can be picked! Why go to the crowded market or listen to the loud mouthed shopkeeper when you can pick one at ?


A lovely wedding invitation card is not only an invitation; rather it holds beautiful memories forever. Pick the one that suits your ceremony. Order now!!

Selecting the best magnetic phone mount

Are you willing to take the full advantage of technology? Well, mounting your phone in the car is something that comes up as a wonderful thing for everyone. However there is something more that you can expect from a phone mount and it is technology enabled. Though it looks to simple, the magnetic phone mount is something that you would like to take charge of. However this is not just all and if you want to make your car and choices stylish, you need to buy an innovative magnetic phone mount.

Finding out the best magnetic phone mount

The magnetic phone mount is not just an ordinary phone mount and this is a very interesting thing that you can have for your phone. Indeed, apart from being stylish and comfortable for your needs, you can simply take the help of different things which will come up as a huge requirement. However this is not all and the magnetic phone attracts the back of a phone which will come up as a need. Well, this is something attractive indeed for anyone to carry as you can place this anywhere in your car- from the ac vents to the steering wheel. However the suction mouth which is present with the magnetic phone mount is something really powerful indeed and it grips so tightly that the phone does not mount. This is not all and the magnetic attraction of this mount is quite high and it can attract any metallic body without the use of such things. All what will come up for your needs are really attractive. There are many more magnetic phone mounts which you can see but the best part will be to take the phone out. The most interesting part of all will be to take the help of shoe phone holder which can be found with this. There are adjacent clips found with this mount that gets the things closed to the interface of the mount.

Buying the best magnetic phone mount

The magnetic phone mount is something which catches eyes at one glance. Indeed this is something that one cannot stay without. Indeed the help of the magnetic phone mounts are something which are really help. Well, there are many more things which comes up with different phone mounts and this is always attractive for your needs. The best part of choosing them is the awesome attraction of the magnetic power. This attraction is something attractive indeed and you have to take the help of any such common mounts to compare with it. The phone mount will also hold a good position at the car which you can clip at the shoe, the steering wheel or even the windshield of your car. So simply just go online and then look out for the best thing that you need. Just go to the online kites and compare the best magnetic mounts which you can find. Read more here.The next thing to do is to check the reviews as well as checking the reviews and the specifications of the phone.

TOP New Web Application Admin Themes of 2015 – 2016

Bootstrap is one of the most famous framework and they put a lot of effort to make this update remarkable! It is extremely universal template and it fits many different kinds of sites. It comes with lots of specs, such as thousands latest module design setting, custom layout, theme customizer, and all-new fluid grid etc. it is actually boom within dashboard and admin panel designs these days.


Angulr is bootstrap based web app admin that permits you to achieve almost any design with zero coding knowledge. It comes with little set of presents that permit you to choose a design in one click and easily customize almost any detail. It can be used by a novice with lowest CMS knowledge looking to make a complete remarkable site or blog with ease of freelancers looking to make expert premium looking sites for their clients. These themes are mobile friendly, click layout switcher, fully bootstrap compatible, easy typography, and free support and updates.


OneUI is super new admin dashboard template launched in mid of 2015! Is best for best agency site or creative web apps admins, pond is very elegant and minimal theme with all 2015 trends added. Theme is retina ready and responsive. It come fit fresh features, such as, page builder, demo importer, best header style, split sections etc. Part of the product is totally free support and documentation as forever.


Wintermin is latest bootstrap based template with trendy and modern look. It is extremely universal and it fits any King of admin app dashboard. You can find remarkable specs included, such as beautiful grid layout, customized list layout, advanced search, one click show kit. If you are fan of bootstrap, you will find this template very interesting and special. There are couples of pre-designed demos for Project Management, Application Backend, Ticket System, Customer Service, CRM, CMS, etc., and new ones are comingsoon. You don’t need any coding expertise to build this new admin.

Metro Lab

Metro Lab is one of the latest and most famous responsive dashboard template on the 2015 market! It is full solution for any internet store site and it comes with the newest specs, such as profile section, WPML etc. it is packed with lots of premium stuff. With template you get, real time metro, lock screen and more. They are all added for free! Files off template include theme zip archive, documentation, PSD files, pattern and language files. It is quick loading template that is important factor for slow loading back-end and best for all apps. This is latest revolution between admin CMS template and actually top solution for your admin applications presently.


AdminCP is best admin templates collection with all fresh and trendy specs and design elements to run your own back-end admin services. It is very elegant and completely compatible with all website browsers and laptop/tablet/ mobile devices. It is comes with daily updates, free help and simple but extremely supportive documentation. The price of theme and that supports you to save $14.

On what basis should you choose a company for your technology needs?

Technology is definitely the buzz of this century and therefore if you want your business to survive the day and be at its best, you have to simply embrace the advancements in technology. It can be mobile technology, growth hacking or as a matter of fact data driven design as well, all you need is a concern which can empower you with the same. But to be very practical, this is exactly where the problem lies. According to Photon Infotech Reviews, it is not exactly easy to find a company which can provide you with what you want at a desired rate. And with the rise of more and more sham agencies it is now really more tough than ever to come across a company which is authentic.

Companies like Photon Infotech is not only hard to come by but without one such concern, it is more tricky to know what is that exact option upon choosing which, your company will have its door open for maximized profit and brand establishment. Therefore, if you are searching for a company in order to avail mobile technology services, getting an app or anything on the same lines, then just follow these points to get across to a decent company providing with the same:

  • You may have already heard the notion that a company is as good in its core as good employees it houses and if someone has told you that this is a misconception, then that person is fooling you. Employees are the very lifeline of any company out there and unless a company is blessed with the same, you can never expect to have a quality service delivered to you by the concern. Therefore be very meticulous in your approach. The key is to always see to the matter that whichever company you are choosing for your purpose must have a hiring process in which they shortlist only the cream off the applicants.
  • If you go through the Photon Infotech Reviews, you will very possibly see the emphasize customers happen to put on a company’s reputation and this is definitely how it should be done. Reputation is to a company what grades is to a student. It very much gives away the standard of the company at the first place. Therefore, always choose a company which is reputed and at per your expectations. Also if you are getting recommendations from your family, friends or neighbors about choosing a company, then there is simply nothing better. Be sure to run by these recommendations.
  • You might already know that in present times, there is not a single concern which is not there on the internet. Therefore if you come across any such company which is not there on the internet, make sure not to opt for the one as these often are run by night companies which are all set to loot the customers as they come.

Hence, now it should be easier for you to choose a company for all your technology needs.

Facebook Dating – Secure & Cool

Life as a single is fun with all the things you can do – unquestioned!

Well, probably that makes you think of dating & why not? A research says that most of the people who are actively involved with someone for at least 3 months are more likely to correctly figure out the right person as their life partner. Although that sounds like the mathematics teacher from high school who said that practicing more questions was the only way to master algebra but it is for sure that ability to identify a person’s hidden traits lies in meeting more people.

A casual hello on the social media today might spark a relationship that will last a lifetime – not only in movies but in real life, too! I would not have believed this unless a close friend of mine mentioned about Facebook Dating to me. Facebook was for staying connected is what I knew but could also be helpful in creating new relations was a pleasant surprise. So it is now like you could show interest in someone’s profile and wait for them to reciprocate or if the other person’s profile is public, you could just go ahead and tell them you were interested.

A transparency of this level in dating is absolutely awesome. There is no scope for pretending or cheating as your Facebook timeline would not support. Here is the opportunity to know the person inside out and staying connected is also lot easier. A hello and return to it – and you are connected even on the move through your mobile apps.

The security of identity may be a concern for many and it has been taken good care of. As you register for dating on Facebook, your profile will be first verified for Facebook free dating so that there is no scope for jilted exes to bother you from fake profiles. Dating and marriages are certainly seeing a new flavour. There is no need to wait for that friend’s birthday party to interact with the cute guy/ girl you have a crush on. Just get started without even telling it to your best friend.

The best part of Facebook dating page is that you can have access to Facebook singles to check out who interests you. You can approach them or respond to those approaching you – all through facebook! You can easily browse their profiles, show interest and get some interest to spice up the experience. Who knows if the one you are looking for is right there – just go ahead and ask them out!

What are the signs of a genuine private equity firm?

Often when it comes to the matter of private equity investment, people are confused as to what it is at the first place and then even when they get a basic idea of the matter, still one might have have a hard time in pointing out a private equity investment firm which is genuine. As per famed private equity investment expert Robert Joubran, it is quite obvious as mostly people aren’t aware of the telltale signs which establishes the fact that a firm is genuine or authentic. Robert who has been in this field for long now is the COO( Chief Operating Officer) of Platinum Equity which is a big name in the private equity investment scene. And therefore he has that kind of exposure and sheer knowledge on the subject matter.

So as Robert Joubran states the vitality of a private equity firm being genuine,  you might just want to look through these few points so as to know that a private equity investment firm is authentic or not:

Firstly, An authentic private equity firm is one which has been out there for long enough. Therefore experience is the first sign that the private equity firm you are looking at is the real deal. A firm which has been out there for long has the necessary practical knowledge for making it big in the field. Also one must take a note of the fact that unless and until a firm is well up to the market standard, it can’t survive for ling at the first place.

Secondly, reputation is the key to knowing that a private equity firm is really authentic. Despite of any circumstances or situation, reputation is not exactly something which springs up in a single day instead it is a long term process. On an average it takes from a month to several years for a firm’s reputation to build up and it is not the case that one can simply cut a slack in the process. Therefore having no short cut to it, reputation is the sure sign that a firm is authentic. It is more so the case as because reputation is one of the most fragile thing on the face of earth and even the smallest of mistake and action can at times malign it.

Thirdly, when a private equity investment firm has knowledgeable employees, then it is a sign that the firm is serious at what they does. The field of private equity is not exactly a piece of cake to handle and therefore it requires utmost of focus at the first place to make everything work according to the desired order. Knowledgeable employees are not only functional to making the firm run seamlessly but also since the field is something which requires much accuracy and precision therefore these employees are the very bloodline of any private equity investment firm. And it is for these employees that a firm is able to maintain proper transition in terms of work effort while acquiring a company.

Therefore, going through the above points,one can very well understand the signs which prompts a private equity firm as genuine and for even more information on the same the best option is to contact Robert Joubran.