UKTI boost for internet exports.


The UKTI funded by the UK government aims to help 50,000 UK business establish and grow their online international sales. Their new suite of services and support for UK companies selling internationally online is expected to help them reach a figure £60 billion in exports by 2018.

Whilst small businesses have been able to reach international clients through online marketplaces such as ebay and amazon, this new initiative aims to introduce them to new regional marketplaces such as Tmall China, Jumeii and ASOS China.This will increase the need for international parcel delivery services, which has already been addresses by the domestic courier services who have entered into strategic partnerships with regional couriers to be able to offer clients delivery services that enable  them their clients to send a parcel to France as easily to a destination a few miles down the road.

This opportunity new programme allows UK businesses to showcase their innovation to international marketplaces and will help to establish the UK as a centre of excellence for many industries from hi tech through to fashion and logistics. The governments investment In supporting international online sales is seen a key part of their plan to meet the UK s international trade target of £1 trillion by 2020. This follows on from the 2013 campaign called “Expand Worldwide” which was launched by Vince Cable the UK business secretary. That project enabled large brands to expand internationally and has paved  the way for the new initiative to be created and rolled out.

The project will provide support for over 4,000 new online sellers via webinars and workshops. Over 1,200 master class e-commerce training sessions and 1,500 one to one export advice sessions. More information can be seen at


Indian Wedding

India weddings are an occasion celebrated with family and relatives, all near and distant. It is a prevailing custom to invite everyone the couple or their family may know. The Indian wedding cards are usually traditionally designed with divine motifs and mantras. Families from the bride’s and the groom’s sides send out invites well in advance so that everyone is able to make it on the day of wedding.

The wedding rituals start days before the day of wedding and generally involve seeking divine blessings. The pre wedding rituals are organized separately at the bride’s and groom’s homes. Also, gifts are exchanged between the families. The families organize events of music and dance to mark celebration. The grandest day, however, is the wedding day when the groom and his family go to the bride’s house for marriage. The procession includes loud music and the groom’s family dances to the beats. Upon arrival at the bride’s house, the groom and his family are joyously received and treated with lot of respect.

The Indian weddings are typical in celebration and fervour. The grandeur is all about vibrant colours, pomp and show. In the beautiful environment of celebrations, the couple seeks blessings from the almighty and their family members for a successful married life. After the wedding rituals are over the couple comes back to the groom’s house where the new bride is welcomed with love. After a few rituals, the new bride becomes a member of the groom’s family.

Wedding is a lifetime affair and everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking forward to a true blue Indian wedding or a wedding that is sober and little toned down, you can pick up your wedding invitations from . They offer invites that are trendy as well as traditional.


Wedding Gifts Ideas

As soon as we receive a wedding invitation card, the biggest question that pops up our mind is what to gift the couple for their wedding? Since weddings are an elaborate and fancy affair, finding a befitting gift is no child’s play.

The most problematic situations are where you are trying to find a gift that is both useful and appealing. What adds to the misery is that most of the guests tend to bring items of home furnishing and you don’t want to add to it. Following are some of the clues or ideas to find the right kind of wedding gift.

  • Indian wedding cards come in several beautiful colours and designs. The card that you have received may be a typical red and golden invite or an invite in an exclusive colour. If latter is the case, you have a good fortune! The colour of the card will help you understand the colour couple would like. Anything that you buy for the couple could be in similar colours.
  • Usually elder people bless the couple with cash presuming that the cash will be helpful in settling a household. That’s true! But if your friend or cousin is getting married, you would not want to show your I am the elderly type attitude. In such cases you could pick up something in precious metals like gold or silver, maybe a coin with the couple’s name engraved on it. They will love to have this auspicious gift whose value may increase with time (it usually does).
  • If you wish to gift something that they would be using often, you got to pick the exact stuff and that is pretty much a difficult task. We have an idea to make it easier for you. Why not buy gift coupons for them? The gift coupons are easily available at multi brand retail chains and are readily redeemable. The couple can pick up anything they would want to buy for their home or for themselves. They will bless you throughout the shopping. Who does not like funded shopping, ehh?
  • If you are a close friend to the couple, you can also speak to them about their tour plans post wedding. It is not at all a bad idea to contribute to their tour expenses. That one tour is however, the most memorable one in every couple’s together times.

The wedding gifts mean a lot to the couple as they symbolize the good wishes and blessings that have been showered on them by their friends and family for a new beginning in their lives. No matter whether you carry an expensive gift or not, it is your presence that matters the most to them.

Wedding Rings Explore

Weddings and rings go so much together that there would hardly be any religion or community that does not call for exchange of rings as a part of a wedding ceremony.


Ring ceremonies are usually arranged for separately and with great enthusiasm. It is usually named as Sagai/ engagement or Roka wherein the bride and the groom exchange rings with friends and family joining them to celebrate the occasion.

Ring is a woman’s most favoured piece of jewellery but the significance of ring exchange extends much beyond that. A wedding ring is a symbol of the couple’s inward bond of eternal love illustrated with an unending circle. In ancient times, a ring was used as a seal of authority. When a ring was pressed into hot wax, it left an impression that was used as an official seal on documents. Similarly, when the couple wears a wedding ring, it signifies that they have submitted their marriage to God’s authority. The couple also recognizes that they have been brought together by God. When the couple exchanges wedding rings, they also exchange all their resources like emotions, wealth, talents and possessions etc with their spouse.

Diamond rings have come out to be the bride’s favourite over a pure gold ring. The jewellers offer a vast range of cuts and design to fit different budgets.

In communities where the ring exchange is arranged before the wedding, it symbolizes the commitment to get married to each other. The couple then starts planning for their wedding. One of the most important tasks is to invite friends and family to the wedding. It is then that a wedding invite is looked for. The Indian wedding cards being sold online over the internet are fast catching up the market as their demand has been growing manifold. The online shopping eases out the entire experience as it is both time saving and can be done at the comfort of our own house. Also people across locations can easily share their views on a wedding invitation that interests them. The online wedding cards at are eye catching beautiful and come in such vivid colours that you can actually find a wedding invite that would go along with your wedding theme.

Additionally, it is a good idea to shop for favour boxes and envelopes etc well in time so that the last minute rush is avoided. Placing an order in the last hour can be extremely taxing because of certain confusions at your own end. A timely order would ensure that the invitations reach your guests well in advance so that it is easy for them to plan a visit. The RSVP cards and other stationery items should also be bought along with the wedding invite so that their colour coordination is just what you wanted!

A themed and coordinated wedding always makes for beautiful memories to cherish. Plan your wedding and find the fantastic colours to brighten them right here on .

How to buy the right wedding invitation

Shopping for your own wedding invite is a wonderful experience. With limitless dreams and hopes of happiness in hearts, it’s an experience of lifetime. A little effort at knowing what you are really wanted as a wedding invite goes a long way in finding just the right stuff. We tell you how!

hindu Wedding cards

1. Invest time in identifying your dream wedding: Envision your wedding day with eyes closed. What do you see? You want a black-tie affair or a less formal garden/ beach wedding, or something other than these? Will the event be during the day or in the evening? Are you planning it in your hometown or a destination wedding? So you are looking for subtle and understated ceremony or more bold and colourful? You can also look for theme base Shagun Envelopes and Gift Boxes for your guests.

 2. Are you planning a colour palette at your wedding: Do you want to carry particular colours or set of colours in your invites or other stationery? The colour of bridesmaids’ dresses etc. may be coordinated with the season like in fall colours like orange, brown and green go well whereas in the spring bright green or pink looks really nice. In the summer, navy and pink look fabulous or in the winter silver and light blue colours look magical!

3. Themed wedding or a symbol that is significant: Are you planning your wedding in the mountains or at the beach? Are there any items of significance that you want to incorporate into your wedding and possibly your invites or accessories like first letters of your first names? This custom monogram can serve as a “logo” for theme of your wedding invitation, other stationery as well as the decor of the venue as you may like.

4. Understand the various invitation printing methods and choices in invitation stock: The quality of your invitation includes the paper finish i.e. glossy, matte etc. and weight of the paper. A fair idea of these attributes help in deciding over the wedding purchases.

5. Determine the number of invites you will be sending out: Work out the number of invites carefully keeping in minds the families and single friends you will be inviting. It is always advisable to order extra Indian wedding cards. The cost of ordering more than you think you’ll need as part of your initial order is far, far less than the cost of ordering a small number at a later date.

6. Know your budget: Explore everything you come across and then decide what you would buy depending on your budget. Knowing numerous things help in understanding the different possibilities. An informed decision is instrumental in making right purchases.

And most importantly, know the time your vendor would take to deliver the invites. A delay may complicate things for you as well as your guests. In the text of your invite, insist on seeing your guests at the wedding. A compelling invite has the capability to make your guests race to calendar for blocking the date. For beautiful wedding invitations, visit us for wedding cards online .

Four Fun Ideas for Guests at your Wedding

Weddings are a close synonym to fun and celebrations all over the world. It’s your wedding day and you are going to remember it forever. But don’t you want your guests to talk about it too? Of course you do!

Wedding Fun I

Your guests must have attended so many weddings and they are almost the same in customs and rituals of a given place. The auspiciousness or credibility of those customs belongs to ages ago and they are better not questioned. Does the idea of adding little quirk to your wedding celebration excite you? Hold on to it and read on to find out the ideas we have for your super fun filled wedding celebration:

  1. Ask your guests to sign coasters for you: That is pretty innovative and creative, too! All you have to arrange for is light based coasters and permanent marker pens, maybe in different colours. You can ask all your guests to sign them for you with their messages. Some guests will leave blessings, some will give you tips for a happy marriage and some may even warn you about your spouse’s notorious habits. At Eva’s wedding, her husband’s best friend left her a message that said: Charlie snores like a pig. Hilarious yet personal, this coaster was obviously preserved by the couple on their side table in the bedroom.
  2.  Include oldest people from your family: So your grand parents must be old and reluctant to making happening public appearances. Your wedding can be the perfect day for them to be themselves again. This wouldn’t come easy. You will have to plead them, beg them and what not but it is going to be worth it, totally! Imagine how cool they would look all decked up the way they did when they were in their 20s. Bring out the rock star in them and your guests would adore them. However, be sure that they are not uncomfortable. Ask them to narrate incidences from your childhood, their own wedding, maybe their own first date etc. They will love it and so would your guests!
  3.  Hire an Impersonator:  Does a celebrity make you go weak in knees? Imagine yourself being welcomed by them! That’s an expensive affair, you would say. Not pretty really, we say. We tell you how. You can hire your favorite celebrity’s impersonator who would entertain your guests and add life to your party. If you are planning to hire an event management company to do it for you, tell them you want an impersonator. You should, however, be clear about what exactly you want them to do for you as their charges depend on what they perform and for how long.
  4. Offer candies instead of favors: Seen those lovely wedding  favor bags and boxes and envelopes at sevenpromises Buy them but fill them with candies instead! Your guests are going to love this twist in the tale. Alternatively, you can place candies at different places at the venue and ask them to grab as many as they can. They will love competing for candies and you will love watching them do it. Who doesn’t want to be a child again, even if it’s on a wedding day?

 Follow these fun ideas and make your guests go praises over your wedding!

Credit: Indian Wedding Cards vendor

Modern Wedding Invitations for you

Planning a wedding in the family or are you, yourself are tying the knot soon?

Whatever the case may be, you have a lot of things to take care of. You will want your guests to remember your wedding for a long time to come, as well. That is why; we have a few tips on trendy wedding invitations for you. Usually the invitation cards are given least attention considering not having enough options to pick from. But the myth is here to be busted!

Wedding cards Box

The wedding invitation industry is fast catching up with the demand for variety in colour, prints etc. The beauty of a traditional wedding card can never be subdued but we all like uniqueness when it comes to weddings.

Broadly, the invites can be categorised as below. The categorisation is helpful in understanding our own requirement which simplifies our entire process of finding the one invite!

  • The designer wedding invitations: They are an emerging trend in wedding invitations. Classy in look and feel, their designs are a drift from the usual invites. Usually picked for lavish weddings, they come in a wide range. So, you can always consider picking these up from Hindu wedding cards store .


Wedding invitations in non traditional colours: If you are the kind of person who fancies wearing a cute pastel dress on your wedding, these cards are for you! A break from the traditional loud wedding colours like red, yellow and golden etc, these cards come in variety of beautiful colours like turquoise, aquamarine blue etc. Their traditional designs give an impressive ethnic rule. These lovely invites can be bought at Online Wedding cards place.


  • The evergreen traditional wedding invitations: A traditional wedding card is evergreen. Everything about them appears auspicious and a bundle of blessings. The only thing that has changed about them is the way they can be picked! Why go to the crowded market or listen to the loud mouthed shopkeeper when you can pick one at ?


A lovely wedding invitation card is not only an invitation; rather it holds beautiful memories forever. Pick the one that suits your ceremony. Order now!!

Dream Host: A reliable hosting provider

You can use a Dreamhost promo code to receive a great price on hosting for the next year. Dreamhost is having a sale on hosting services and the time is right for you to save big on hosting fees. The code gives you a $3 to $5 a month savings on your domain hosted with them.

Dreamhost is one of the oldest hosting companies on the Internet. They have been around since 1997 and are the number one in domain hosting. They have over 4.1 million customers, thousands of servers and virtual servers, plus unlimited plans.

Using the Dreamhost promo code you can get unlimited domains, bandwidth, and limited storage. They have what no other hosting company does all for the price of about $8.95 a month. Using the promo code you can get a year’s worth of hosting for about $3.95 a month. That’s a pretty big savings.

Their user interface is dead easy to work with for anything you want to do such as find a domain name and register it, setup a SQL database, or find goodies like WordPress, Drupal and Wikimedia. Their one-click install allows you to setup your blog and start writing in less than 10 minutes.

You’ll have unlimited everything including bandwidth, domains and sub-domains as well as storage in unlimited GB for all your domains and sub-domains, even if you want to store all your videos on their server. These are resources you can’t find with any other hosting company.

When you sign up using Dreamhost’s promo code you also receive $100 worth of Google AdWord credit. They make it super easy to setup your AdWord campaign that is integrated with your hosting.

Another advantage of signing with Dreamhost is you can choose either to host your email with them or use Google’s Gmail. It’s very easy to start getting traffic to your website using the tools they offer when you sign with them as your hosting company.

There are many advantages of signing with Dreamhost including the automatic updates of all the one-click software installs. You don’t have to worry about upgrading, but if you want to do it yourself, then all you have to do is click the check box and you can manually update when you want to.

To top off, dreamhost promo code also offers cloud storage and computing. They have many packages to choose if you’re a beginner or expert, what they offer is not something you can find at any other web hosting company.

Interesting facts to learn about radio controlled helicopters

An electrical or battery controlled chopper is one of the very common types of RC helicopters obtainable in the industry. At one time, it is been used mainly indoors. But larger electrical helicopters suitable for complex aerobics and outdoor activities have begun developing status. The blade 130x rc helicopter are noticed because of its silence making it a popular choice particularly for people who are near locations and residential areas where sound is seriously controlled like Germany.

Bulk of electrical chopper accelerators features an incorporated governor mode. It is possible to choose without utilizing the conventional accelerator control to steer the accelerator. Electrical choppers have become secure in a hover style as a result of the secure output electric power. It does not include a clutch.

The electrical chopper that is most common contains 4 servos. All these servos can use fairly amount of current.

New materials for batteries are also discovered. Among the very most recent that is proven outstanding results are the lithium chemistries. For the most part of numerous chopper functions, it is still not advocated. NiCad’s are still favoured because of price efficacy and its dependability. It supplies higher currents and charges quicker with no difficulty.

There are numerous remote control helicopters accessible the marketplace today. It is important to select a right chopper as per your skill level.

There are only so many moving parts working at once.

The one most beginners will come across is battery power, although there are various methods for powering up an RC chopper. They are also not expensive. However, in addition to the power source, process of beginning the engine etc are important to learn about. Plus they fly the way a full size chopper does.

A chopper lifts off the floor. Straightaway it is possible to see that, with a single rotor whirling, the craft’s body may wish to whirl in the other way. That is known as torque. To prevent this happening another rotor has to be introduced, whirling in the other way. The chopper will lift off the floor, if at this point you use the accelerator.

Toys are for small children. As a rookie pilot, you are going to start on 3 channels or above.

Lots of chopper enthusiasts have advocated electrical blade 130x rc helicopter for newcomers. No matter level expertise on R/C helicopters and your interests, you will find no few motives at all not to enjoy electrical types.

Why is Maruti Suzuki Ertiga ideal for long drives?

Marti Suzuki has explored all types of vehicles starting from a basic Maruti 800. Over the years the manufacturer has come up with making bigger innovations and has entered the acclaimed LUV named Maruti Ertiga. This vehicle is a seven seater one and comes in various trim levels. The latest launch, the limited edition version of the Ertiga bears a lot of stylish features in the exteriors and interiors. This upgraded version has occupied a predominant place in the Indian automobile market owing to the space, technology and affordability of this vehicle.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga features

The features worth mentioning in this version are stylish body graphics, a rear spoiler, chrome plated radiator grille and wood insides on doors and instrument panel. It is further bestowed with a proficient music system along with rear parking sensors, which adds to its competitiveness. It is available in both petrol and diesel engine options. At the same time, it is also available with a factory fitted CNG fuel kit thus increasing its fuel efficiency.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

The car maker claims that this CNG version has the ability to deliver a mileage of 22.8 Kms/Kg, which is certainly impressive the petrol variant of this vehicle is equipped with a 1.4-litre K-series petrol engine that has the ability to pump out 93.7bhp along with a hammering torque output of 130Nm. While the diesel variant is powered by a highly efficient 1.3-litre DDiS engine that is mated with a five speed manual transmission gearbox.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga exteriors

This vehicle comes with a sturdy body structure and bears graphics on it. The front facia comes with a large headlight cluster and a stylish bumper, which gives a unique look. The side profile looks elegant because of the wheel arches that are fitted with a set of alloy wheels in the top trim. There is a lot of space to offer when it comes to the interiors, which can house seating for at least seven passengers.

There are lot of advanced features in this LUV such as an air conditioning system, an integrated music system with Radio and CD player, driver’s seat height adjuster and key-less entry function. Safety aspects for huge vehicles are very important and the company has given it a lot of importance. This vehicle is bestowed with dual front airbags, engine immobilizer and three point seat belts. It is also available with ABS and EBD as standard for the mid and top end diesel variants.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga the perfect family car

This vehicle has occupied a dominant place in the market because of its brand and has tough competitors such as Chevrolet Enjoy, Nissan Evalia and Mahindra Xylo. This vehicle is ideal for bigger families and long trips and Maruti has been a reliable favourite of the Indian consumers.

For information on Bikes in India log on to –

What to say when asking for a quote over the phone

Customers seeking boiler repairs and installations have an agenda, with good service, immediate appointments and quick fixes being high on the list, but getting the best price is number one on a customers list. Without wanting to get ripped off or pay a low price for a cheap service, and having to pay additional amounts to fix bad quality. A survey has shown that customer’s biggest worry is fixing the price and then having additional work added on to this price, therefore being overcharged.

The more research and knowledgeable you are about the problem that you require fixing, the better off you will be. You wouldn’t ask for your car to be fixed without defining the problem to the mechanic or so why would you ask for a new boiler to be installed without researching what, who, why and where.

The most common problem to occur that requires a plumber is having no hot water in the house. A few simple checks will allow for the plumber to identify the problem over the phone, allowing for an accurate quote or estimated price, and will save you both time and money.

These simply checks include:

  • Check the house for a leak, if you find one visit the stop-cock and switch this off. Tell the plumber exactly where the leak is, which room of your house and any damage that has already occurred.
  • If you find that it is a water heater that is leaking, then the problem could be identified as rust. This would be that the rust has eaten away at the bottom of the water storage tank like an infestation. This will need to be replaced a patch job will just make you need to call another plumber a few months down the line. Paying for a proper fix will be cheaper in the long run for your household.
  • If you have a gas water heater, check to make sure the pilot light is lit, if it has gone out then check the temperature setting on the water heater, to ensure it is high enough to provide an adequate amount of heated water.
  • If you have an electric boiler heater, check if there is power going to the heating elements, such as a radiator. Check for Check for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse on the water heater circuit in the wiring centre or fuse box. If power has not been disrupted then it’s possible that the electric thermostat or a heating element has become faulty.

Once the problem hasbeen identified, an experienced plumber will then tell you’re the exact cost and time of each callout charge. They will explain the exact work that will be completed on each call out.

For example:

  • The original quote to check what work is required,
  • The estimate on how long the completion will take.
  • They will explain that no additional work and costs will be added to your bill without asking your permissions if they need to seek extra parts or add in new pipes.
  • Finally when the plumbing will take place and who will be attending your house to ensure you are not allowing strangers through the door.

Lowering the cost of your boiler installation.

 Need to install a new boiler before Christmas?

The last thing we would wish for as Christmas is drawing closer is having to organise a new boiler installation, when our wallets and purses are already stretched.

Don’t fear our top tips are here to help.

New boiler installation is one of the biggest single expenses that both owners and landlords have to face throughout the properties lifetime. Not everybody is lucky enough to have a plumber living next door.

Follow these tips to ensure you are receiving the best price:

1 – Get more than one quote

The price of boiler installations vary significantly, you can be taken back by the range of different quotes that you will receive and also the variety in the levels of work that various companies will say needs to be completed, which means you need to take in to account additional costs.

Begin with British Gas as they are the market-leading boiler installer in the UK and utilise their price as a benchmark. They have an industry reputation for adding additional costs.

For example:

  • Changing the location of boiler
  • Stating that additional pipes need to be installed,
  • Waste collection fees..

This price can then be used as your starting point when you receive other quotes. Requesting five quotes as minimum is a reasonable amount.

2 – Ask friends and families for a recommendation

Some companies work through recommendations from previous customers. This can also allow you the client, more leeway asking for a discount on the total price.

For example: If you know somebody that has used Pimlico Plumbers previously, ask them to refer you for a discount. They have previously quoted £100+vat for quotes, which is then taken of the total price, also with a 10% discount.

3 – Research local qualified and independent installers.

A Which? survey a little while back revealed independent boiler engineers often provide a better service than those who work for the big brands. Just ensure they are an accredited installer and look at the amount of years available on the guarantee for the boiler installation.

4 – Check if you qualify for the boiler scrappage scheme

It’s worth looking to see if you are eligible for boiler central heating grants to help with the installation costs. You can visit the Energy Saving Trust to see whether you qualify for any type of discount or grant.

5 – Set your budget

Sticking to a budget can be difficult when you are not qualified to determine what work needs to be completed. Make sure you have organised where you would like to boiler to go in your house. Most boilers today are designed to be compact and lighter enabling them to be conveniently wall mounted. Free standing boilers tend to be narrower, allowing them to be fitted between kitchen units. Also the number of people in your household will determine the type of boiler than will be more beneficial to your household income.

Is a Combi-Boiler the Right Fit – The Facts?

Trying to decide if a combination boiler or a conventional boiler is the right option is quite a dilemma.  The combination boiler just like any other product has some pros and it also has some cons.  Understanding those pros and cons is part of making the right choice for your situation.

A View of the Pros

In a home that has three or less bathrooms or shower rooms and has good water pressure; a combination boiler is a conversion worth considering.  In this circumstance experience shows that the benefits of the combination boiler outweigh the decision to stay with a conventional boiler system.

One of the big pluses of the combination boiler is the amount of space that can be saved.  It only takes up a space on the wall and there are no water tanks to make room for.  The tanks often take up loft space that could be put to better use.

The conventional boiler has lots of controls and parts that will eventually need repairing or replacing.  This can run into a great deal of money or even the replacement of the whole unit.  A regular boiler system will also require more maintenance than a combi-boiler.

The combination boiler is going to save you scads of money on the energy bill.  The combination boiler instantly sends hot water when the tap is turned on which saves energy.  Another way that it saves energy is that it will only heat the amount of water needed so, if you only need a glass full; it only heats a glass full.  There are no tanks full of hot water that have to use energy to stay heated.

Most of the combination boilers available on the market come with great warranties.  That means that more money is saved because for nearly a decade owners will not have to worry about paying for expensive repairs.

A View of the Cons

All things have a good side and a bad side; fortunately the cons of the combination boiler, is a relatively short list.  One downside to the combination boiler is that if you have a home that has more than three bathrooms it cannot handle the load.  Homes that have more than five bedrooms will also find that the combination boiler is not a suitable match.

It will be slightly more expensive to convert to a combination boiler, but that can usually be justified by the savings that will occur after installing the unit.  With the combination boiler there will not be a back up immersion heater.

Still Can’t Decide?

This is a big decision that will affect your finances and your home so, don’t take it lightly.  If you are still on the fence as to which way to go; get some advice from an expert.  Contact a reputable plumber and enlist them to give you an educated opinion of what they think would be the best fit for your particular situation.