Wedding Industry- The trends and traditions

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The wedding industry probably dates back to almost as early as the existence of civilized human colonies. The industry has proved to be robust by meeting all the expectations that ever arose out of the advancement in human lives or the change in trend in more recent markets.

The earliest form of the industry was primarily of Gold, silver, precious stones etc that were usually passed on as heirloom to the younger generation. Families saved them for their daughter’s weddings. Wearing mother’s or mother in law’s bridal costume was then considered typical and was encouraged. If we talk about people other than the rich masters of land or kings, the rest of the population had scarce resources and therefore, wedding was a ceremony of limited resources. Bride’s families usually borrowed from the money lenders at high interest rates to please the bridegroom’s family so that they kept their daughter happy and safe.  This also came to be known as dowry.

There are lot many stories on dowry in the Indian civilization. The contemporary society, too, is plagued with the evil custom.

The changing trends, however, have appeared everywhere. Mother’s wedding costume has been replaced by a wedding costume chosen by the bride in her favourite colour and cut. The dowry system is fast falling out to both male and female taking equal responsibilities at home and work.

The wedding industry’s very prominent element; the wedding invitation market has gone through several changes. The modern couples’ choice of wedding invitation is a reformed version of their senior generation’s choice. The invites have not only become simple and sober. They are now bought for their uniqueness. Like an aqua colour invite is preferred over the customary red and golden invite because it is unique and appeals to the younger generation. Not only this, the wedding invitation merchant has now moved to the internet- youth’s favourite hangout destination. And the generation is cool with it and why not? If you can date online, play online and find your life partner online; why not find your wedding invite online?

The emerging trend of themed weddings and coordinated wedding stationery and goodies has set the demand of online sellers on fire. The online wedding cards, sweet boxes, wine bags, shagun envelopes etc. are all available at

All you need to do is find out how you want your guests to feel special. Right from the moment you formally send out your wedding invite that is a treat to the eyes, they can’t consider your wedding to be just another wedding.

Besides finding invites that are themed on your religion, you can even find very simple and sober non religious wedding invites. The latter type is especially good for inter religion marriages that are seeing a new high.

Even if you are away in a foreign land, Indian Wedding Cards supplier brings to you the flavour of Indian wedding. Pick your invite and other goodies and relax! While you enjoy the traditional rituals at the wedding, we will be happy to take care of your invitations.

Want to reduce Gray Hair? Say No to Stress

Stress Causes white hair

There are those times when we feel overly burdened by the things going on around us. We grow tired, worried, spent, and in short stressed. They say stress can devoid us of our years. They make us look old, feel old, gray old? Is this true? Find out more on Gaizupath.Com.

Although there hasn’t been a definite proof that stress is a direct reason that grays the hair, it has been well known that it could be a great contributing factor.

Stress can take its toll on you physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. It can affect your day’s turnabouts. What could be a genuinely beautiful day could turn out to be the worst if you let stress get the best of you.

Making good impression towards others often lies first and foremost on how you present yourself to them. The way you look physically creates an image of your total being. This may not be a good way to judge a person’s character but this is what happens most of the time. Now, if it is true that stress can gray your hair, imagine how you would look like in a year or two. How about 5 or 10 years from now? Would those gray streaks boost your confidence? Or will they leave you doubting your influence towards others?

The hair is said to be our crowning glory. It plays quite a big role on how we want to be seen as. Often times, we use special products to keep it smooth, shiny and silky. And when the gray begins to show, we seek the help of hair dye to hide its existence. Yes, there are indeed many ways to keep it hidden. Ways to help reduce its manifestation. But the best way there is that would not only lessen the production of gray on your hair but would also help your whole personal being is to learn managing your stress.

What is the connection between stress and the hair? There hasn’t been any immediate proof that stress is the reason when a gray streak shows up in your hair. Most of the studies done would say that gray hair is largely influenced by genetics. Usually when it is in the genes, there is a specific time frame as to when it will most likely start to show. Although when that person is handling too much stress, odds are he/ she will have gray hair showing earlier than the determined years. Here’s what you need to do.

Relax. Keep calm

Okay, so this isn’t really that simple when the pressure is present but you have to learn to cope with it. Breathe. Proper breathing stabilizes the heart and the right amount of oxygen helps you think properly. If you notice, when we are under much pressure, we have the tendency to make wrong decisions. Stress can affect your mental awareness. Irregular breathing during stressful situations contributes to a general deterioration of health.

Keep a healthy lifestyle

Eat food which contains the proper nutrients our body needs like Vitamin B12, iron, folic acid and iodine. These can be found in meat, poultry, dairy products and sea foods.  Most of those going through pressure choose to sleep lest forget to eat, thus resulting to lack of nutrients. Also, minimize the use of vices. Drinking alcohol and smoking will not do you any good. It may be difficult to refrain from such vices when you’re used to it, but put in mind your long term goal to stay fit and healthy to motivate you through it.

Be responsible

Learn to face challenges head on, held high. Have no room for self-pity. Be confident and trust that you are capable to deal with the situation. Remember, the tranquility you feel deep within you will be seen on your outside appearance. The peacefulness that settles inside you will show.


Gray hair will come in its own time, but while that time hasn’t arrived yet, make sure it doesn’t make its appearance any earlier than necessary. It is always better to feel young and look young regardless of the age.


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